Say GOODBYE to limescales...

Water quality in UK are relatively bad. In my opinion, they are pretty harsh on skin. Oh well, who am I to complain. People in UK have been living with it for years... All I can do is live with it too.

One of the annoying thing about the water quality is the high content of limescale. It "ugly-fy" any place that has contact with water particularly the water taps and sink in kitchen and toilet. Call me OCD. I have major problem with the limestone. It makes the whole place look untidy. Imagine your guests visiting your place and thinking what a lazy and dirty person I am.

During my first few months in UK, hubby and I have both wasted tons of money on various household cleaners products. None of the products work as perfect as Viakal. Viakal is a blue solution that dissolve limecale and watermark effectively. I like the end result of it. It make the whole place shine. There is not a spot with dulling effect.

What I like about Viakal is that they have now came out with the spray bottle version as well. It makes my life easier. I no longer need to worry about over-pouring the soluble.

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