Strawberry Yogurt Drink (or make a milkshake instead)

Here is my version of strawberry yogurt drink. I have to say it almost taste like strawberry milkshake (if not because I know for myself I used yogurt instead of milk). Best part is this homemade version is definitely healthier than the one you buy from supermarket or any cafes/ eatery. 

Strawberries (whatever amount you like preferably fresh one but can be substituted with frozen ones)
Greek StyleYogurts (can be substituted with milk)
Honey (can be substituted with brown/ white sugar)

Blend all ingredients in mixer or blender.

You can substitute strawberry with any berries or fruits. I've made many different varieties of this. Try using fresh fruits- especially those in season. My favourite are with Pakistan Honey Mango or British Strawberries.

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