My trip to Windsor & Eton

I've always wanted to go Windsor. It is one of my must visit place two years ago. Windsor is a town in Berkshire. It's an hour journey from Swindon. The highlight of our visit should be the Windsor Castle. Unfortunately we have to forgo the castle this time round. The entry fee is only £17.75. I have to say it is one of the cheapest entry fee for castles in UK. The only reason why we did not enter in is because we did not have the time. Lucky for me hubby fell in love with this place and promise to take me here again this coming summer :). As for now, all I have are the photos of the exterior building.

It is hard to believe we didn't have sufficient time to cover Windsor and Eton when my initial intention of the whole trip is to visit the Windsor Castle. I even mumble to hubby if the coach was kidding us when he said he will be back to pick us in seven hours. I have to admit it is my fault for not making any proper itenery before embarking on this trip. All I had in mind when I first arrive at Windsor is wanting to go back to Swindon. Blame the weather. It is just too cold to walk at that point of time.

I have to say Windsor is one of the more decent city I've visited by far. I would assume the whole population of Windsor are well to do people. You can simply tell by the way they dress, eat and behave on street.

There is no one part of my trip I dislike. I just wish I can spend more time here. Of course it would have been better if we have nice sunny weather instead of cold weather.

There are so many photos I would like to share here but at the same time I don't think it will be good to jam this page with images. I will try to blog them in separate blogs. So here are few for now:

This is what I see the moment I got down from the coach

Not good? Wait till you see the view I saw from the First Great Western Station

Tired of old fashion looking biulding? Here are few photos snapped at the Royal Shopping Centre


This will do for today. Will try to blog on the rest of the journey soon.... Till then, Happy Easter!

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