Egg Sandwiches with a twist...

I admit I made this as part of my back up plan- just in case I screw up my Cinnamon Bun. That explain why I did not sandwich the bread and eggs. Like I say, I am on a diet (and yes, I am also putting my hubby on diet too). I decided we will keep the bread and eggs away if the cinnamon bun turn out a success.

While many will brag egg sandwiches are one of the easiest meal to make, I on other hand have some minor complains. I don't like the process of boiling the eggs and later on peeling them from the egg shell :oP. That explain why I rarely make them- despite them being one of the easiest meal.

Here is my version of egg sandwich:
4 hardboil eggs
120g mascarpone cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Mashed all ingredients together till they are real mushy. Spread butter on two bread. To assemble each egg sandwich spread butter on two slice of bread and later eggs on one side of the bread. Top the other bread on top. Enjoy!

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