Grocery Shopping with Tesco Price Promise Scheme

I am beginning to enjoy buying grocery with Tesco grocery. They have recently introduced Tesco Price Promise scheme whereby they offer cash back to shoppers in event their items sold are costlier than Asda, Morrison and Sainsbury's. I will be happier if they include Lidl too in their list but this will do for now.

What I really like about shopping for grocery online is the mere fact
  1. I do not need to spend time walking in big supermarket hunting for list of things I want
  2. I do not need to line up and pay for my grocery
  3. I avoid impulse buying
  4. Best of all, I do not need to carry my shopping bags around. The items are delivered to my place
Even my stingy hubby approves shopping for grocery online. He don't mind paying additional £3 to £6 getting Tesco's Personal Shopper to shop on our behalf. Of course he will prefers me to get them to deliver from Tuesday to Thursday. It is slightly more expensive on Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In fact, it come to a point he is considering to sign up their delivery savers plan.

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