Recreating Sally Lunn's "The Bath Cream Tea bun"

One can never have enough of Sally Lunn's famous buns. I remembered wanting to try their meals the very first time I discovered them in Bath (that was two years ago). Sadly, I didn't have the chance to. There were too many people lining up to dine. Hubby can never understand why people even bother lining up for food in cold freezing weather (believe it or not it was cold in the month of June 2011- that was during summer).

I only got a taste of their bun when mum visited me end of last year. Even mum say the food was good (despite her not being a bread fan). There is something unique about Sally Lunn's bun and her cinnamon butter- and not to forget their lovely clotted cream.

I've decided to introduce my food lover bestie to the same shop when she visited me. Even she enjoyed herself. We even bought three bottles of their homemade cinnamon butter and brandy butter.

Never in my mind I knew they will be useful for some home cook lazy meals. I've never tried imitating or recreating any meal before but I thought why not since the whole process is all about  grilling and spreading stuff on bread. Besides, I have made some mashed eggs for egg sandwich just in case I really screw up. End result:

Sally Lunn's version:

My version:
It cost £2.50 per bottle. £5.00 for 2 and £7.00 for 3. Why not get 3 then???
My version of "The Bath Cream Bun" Had them with my homemade wheatgerm bread :)
Wait till you eat them with butter or if you are hardworking enough, make some clotted cream yourself!
To recreate this, all you need is to grill your bread for few minutes. Spread the cinnamon butter and leave them in oven for few second till the cinnamon butter melt evenly. Don't forget to spread a generous amount of butter or clotted cream before feasting them!

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