Forest People Luminous Serum

One reason why I got myself Organic & Natural Beauty kit:

Forest People Luminous Serum eyes and lips contour with borage oil and rosehip oil

If you know me well I don't really fancy lipsticks, lipgloss or even balms. As result I always end up with crack and dry lips. I tried dumping gloss and balms in my bag just so I can apply them whenever I am out but it hardly happens. 

Call me lazy all you want but I've been taking good care of my lips well this days- all thanks to Luminous Serum (believe it or not I didn't even know there is such thing call lips serum prior to this). All it needs is half a pump of the precious oil and I'll have well moisturised lips. 

Its price on a slightly high side but it is still worth the investment- if you are as lazy as I am :). Will I buy this again? Yes, definitely! Even if I have to pay £31.00 for this.

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