A healthy dish to kickstart Monday...

Hubby had bad diarrhoea. I don't know why. May be it got to do with what we ate over the weekend. I suspect it all got to do with his indulgence on spicy Thai foods we had over the weekend (of which I will blog really soon).

Feeling guilty for our food experiments, I've decided to cook something healthy for the day. I choose to try out Delia's quick braised celery. Here is the end result I've produced:

All I needed for this recipe are:

1 celery
1 onion
1 carrot
225ml vegetable stock
1 tsp dry parsley
Black pepper to taste

The end result is one big pan of braised celery enough for 4. Both hubby and I had them for lunch and dinner. 

You don't need to be an expert to cook this. All you need to do is
  1. melt the butter in non stick pan
  2. stir fry the onion till they turn brown.
  3. add carrots and further cook for 2 minutes
  4. add celery and continue to stir fry for another 5 minutes
  5. Pour in vegetable stocks
  6. let it cook further till the stock reduced
  7. Season with salt (if necessary) and pepper 
  8. Finally add in parsley
Just to let you know I did not cover the pan with lid because I didn't want the vegetable to turn yellowish and soft. I only cover the pan with lid when I warm the vegetables for dinner. I have to say the dish taste better in evening. They can be part of main, side or accompaniment depending on how you want to serve it. I had this with porridge (baby oat with milk) while hubby had them with pig in blanket.

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