Aiming for a healthier lifestyle

I have always thought my food diet has always been a healthy one until I had medical termination end of 2012. The whole ordeal was bad. I actually spent sometime looking back at photo of foods we have indulged in for the past few years. What seems to be healthy was actually junk foods. Looking back, the only greens I've ever included in my daily meals are carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, celery, butter squash and occasionally some greens. My excuse was I didn't know what to do with it (as in how to cook).

To be honest, I did not gain much weight until my pregnancy take place. One reason was because I have always been strict with my diet. I either had no lunch or I had oats with milk for lunch. My dinner is always roast chicken or bake fish. Occasionally I will try out Asian cooking.

I do cook a lot of creamy pasta or spaghetti but they are normally for hubby and not me. That explain why he went size up and I maintained- until he started cooking pasta and spaghetti for me when I was ill (while pregnant). Trust me you can gain kilos just like that without you realising while indulging cream based foods.

May be I should blame my diet for the lost of my child. Anyway, let bygone be bygone. I am moving on. This time round- I am determined to lead a healthy lifestyle instead. Few changes I have done for the year 2013:
  • Drinking Biogreen O'Tigres organic black bean powder (no sugar version) with Biogreen black sesame seed powder for breakfast instead of tea or coffee. Have now changed organic black bean powder with organic almond powder instead (cos I can't find them in UK. Might try making my own black bean powder soon)
  • Buying more greens (be it vegetables I don't know how to cook). Just realised I can Google and cook them too! Should have started way earlier
  • Cutting down creamy pasta/ spaghetti
  • Cooking more Malaysian style home cook foods
  • Drinking tartary buckwheat tea
  • Taking psyllium husk with honey
  • Drinking apple cider vinegar with honey
  • Including brown rice as part of our diet. Planning to introduce quinoa in a day or two.
  • A small cup of homemade fruit yogurt daily
  • An apple and half an orange (giant size) each before lunch/ dinner
I still bake quite a lot. We normally have either muffins, cupcakes, cakes or brownies for breakfast on weekdays and breads on certain weekends.
I can see major changes in our lifestyle- despite only practicing this for two months. I don't feel tired and fat like before. I can see my hubby's belly shrinking bit by bit. 

The whole addition of green and organic food in our food chain has definitely made a positive change in our lifestyle.

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