Easy peasy som tam (a.k.a. Thai Papaya Salad)

I've had a few friends asking me for som tam (papaya salad) recipe since the very day I posted a picture of it on Facebook. The thing is I don't have the recipe for it. It is all based on estimation. Oh well, that was how my friend demonstrated to me. Here is a pictorial guide cum recipe for som tam. It is not difficult- just that it can get a little messy. Seriously, just try. I bet you will get addicted to it!

Ingredients: 1/2 small size green papaya, garlic, bird eye chillies (depending on how spicy you want your dish to be. I added 7), 1 tomato, 1/2 lime. 1 tbsp dry prawns (I soaked and wash the dry prawns and later place them in halogen oven to dry the dry shrimps), salted crab (not included in this recipe- please do not forget to wash, soak and clean the crab with boiling water before used), fish sauce, roasted peanuts, palm sugar and tamarind sauce

Pound garlic
Then the tomatoes (dice them so the juice will not splash on you)
Add dry shrimp (and crabs if used) and palm sugar
Don't forget the fish sauce
Blend well
Squeeze in the lime
Now the shredded green papaya
This is what you get. Scoop out. Set aside
Now work on the peanuts
Finally your som tam
Hubby loves it! Believe it or not, hubby is the real master chef when it comes to som tam. Looks like he can make this whenever I am away :o).

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