Garlics, ginger and onions...

I dislike ginger. I don't like garlic or onions. I always spend quite a bit of time whining and picking up the unwanted stuff from my plate before I can finally enjoy my food. My poor mum have to work magic to make them invisible on my plate whenever she used this three ingredients.

I used to get panic whenever I see any of this three ingredients as part of the ingredients required in any recipe. I was death worried I will end up throwing the whole pots of food away by the end of the cooking session if they end up tasting bad. Good thing that never happened throughout my 2 years of cooking. 

I have to say, I spend extra time chopping all this 3 ingredients (whenever required) into really small bits. I also spend extra time browning this 3 ingredients (whenever required) eventhough they do not need to be done that way. 

Seriously I would have omited the ingredient right away if not because mum tells me they will taste different and bad if I don't have them whenever the recipe calls for it. 

They are still not my favourite but at least I no longer pick up every bit and pieces before I can eat my meal. Of course I still pick out the raw looking one but in general I still finished up without any complain :o).

By the way, do you know that you can grow spring onion and leek with onions and garlics? I didn't until last month when hubby and I planted some garlics and shallots in the garden. Good thing the cats digged them all out or else I will not know what to do with the spring onions and leeks. I don't eat them.

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