How to DIY your own black sesame powder...

I've been taking black sesame powder religiously for the past few months. What I do my hubby do is I mixed the black sesame powder and black soya bean powder.  I don't know if they helped me in anyway but they are part of my healthy diet :).

I knew from very beginning I won't be able to buy any in UK. I have tried "Google-ing" them on Google while I was in KL. I was quite determined however to try to do it myself when my supply is low. Of course there is no guarantee if I will succeed but at least I try.

The first thing I did when I returned to UK was to order a packet of organic black sesame seed online. I almost forgotten about it until hubby informed me I ran out of black sesame seed powder in the morning (he is in charge of fixing breakfast). 

So, here I am trying out how to manufacture my own black sesame powder.

You can either toast the black sesame seed in oven or by wok. I choose to use the wok simply because I am lazy to monitor the seeds. Do not be gready. Do them batch by batch. Add in just enough black sesame seed to cover the pan. Stir fry (no oil needed) them on low fire for about 8 to 10 minutes.

Blend them batch by batch (about 4 tbsp). I blended them right after I toast the black sesame.

Here I am, another container of 100% pure black sesame powder for the next 1.5 months. Of course it is easier to buy them over the counter. I would too if I am in KL. A can of Biogreen 100% pure black sesame powder only cost you RM19.00. Biogreen do deliver internationally too. Too bad, I am that stingy to pay for the postage fee.

By the way, my DIY black sesame powder tasted exactly the same as the one I purchased! In fact, they are slightly better in taste (stronger aroma).

My next big project is to DIY black soya bean powder. To begin, I have to start looking for organic black soya beans :o). I need to buy them quick. My supply getting low.

That is all from me this Friday. Till then, Happy Weekend!

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