Cowshed Slender Cow

Read the label. It says Cowshed SLENDER COW extra firming body butter. I've been dying to try this for sometime now. I am glad I finally own one thanks to Amarya May Beauty Box.

I have to admit the smell can be a big turn off but there is really nothing I can say because it is supposed to be herb based body butter. I've been using this for a week now. I can see my skin are absorbing all the goodness. At least I no longer see the dry flakey skin.

I don't think I am "slender" after using this but it definitely helps to reduce cellulites. Call me "kiasu" all you want. I've been using this along with Alison Claire's body butter. I am hoping with the extra Cowshed protection over the belly area, I will see a slender me soon....

Keen to try? Go ahead and grab yourself one from LoveLula website. They do free delivery worldwide. A bonus, huh :)

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