Playing with Super Dough

I like summer. There are tons of things to do during summer. I hardly have time to spend in front of my laptop. There are tons of photos I need to sort out before I can blogs. I will try to find time to work on it next week. Till then... here are few photos of my craftwork :). It is my first craftwork since I moved to UK. That explain why my cow look pretty retarded :oP.

I bought this Super Dough from The Works. It cost £1.10 I think. I don't normally keep track on my expenses
Simple step by step instruction
This is what you get
I have to say my cow's ear and horn is bigger than what it supposed to be.

That is all from me today. Till then, Happy Weekend! To all my Malaysian friends, please don't forget to wake up on time to vote this coming Sunday :o).

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