Transforming Maggi curry flavour noodles to seafood noodle...

It has been awhile now since we last ate Maggi Mee. They were my childhood favourite comfort food till the Korean, Japanese and Thai exported their version of instant noodles to Malaysia. The only time I ate Maggi mee from then was when I am out at mamak eatery.

Last Sunday, I've decided to transform my kitchen into a mini mamak store. We cooked 3 packet of Maggi Mee for brunch while waiting for official PRU13 (Malaysian 13th General Election) result online. 

The end result:

It takes less than 30 minutes to transform a boring Maggi mee curry flavour to seafood noodle. All you need is a pack of Maggi instant noodle (3 if you are big eater like us). You may add in any vegetables or meat you like to your noodles. You may also add in fish, chicken, beef or pork stock to enhance the soup flavouring.  

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