"Happy Hour" @ Starbucks

We had a busy weekend. While many would have taken good opportunity to have sun bath at the beach, we both ended up shopping for woods at Wickes just so hubby can DIY a mini carpentry project. It was his first time working with saw and nails. I have no right to complain for the first time.

"I'm the new Hercules- except that I have a slightly bigger belly"
How I wish I am at the beach or somewhere nice instead of shopping at Wickes. My Saturday could have been worst off if he had decided to work on his mini project right away after purchasing the woods.

We managed to make our way to Starbucks for "Happy Hour."  You wouldn't believe the crowd at Starbucks. Hubby have to line up for almost 25 minutes before we could get our coffee.

The culprit: Starbucks Happy Hour- half price for any frap
Hubby patiently waiting for his turn
Finally his turn
Still waiting patiently
"I am another cheapskate today. I ordered two large frap. Total saving: £1.97!"
Look at him. He is a happy boy!
Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino
Sadly the promotion ended 2 June 2013. We now have to pay the full price for our frapuccino. I bet hubby will switch to his usual filtered coffee after this.

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