Starbucks reusable cups for £1.00

It was mid April when Starbucks introduces their reusable cups. My hubby was excited when he saw the announcement on Twitter. He wanted me to get them for him like right away. Too bad for him they were sold off by the time I visited Starbucks. I was told by baristas they sell like hot cake. I've got a strong feeling part of the reason got to do with the pricing. The reusable cups cost only £1.00. Either that or because there are way too many Starbucks members who has redeemed this cups for free.

Good for those who managed to get them free. I have to pay for mine. Nevertheless, I am happy to part with £1.00. They are quality cups. 

The cup has an exact resemblance to the grande (medium) size paper cup drink (for hot drinks).

The cup comes with measurement for tall drink too. The lower circle in the cup is for tall drinks.

Plus point for buying this cups:
(a) You are doing mother nature a good favour
(b) You are rewarded a star for this cups
(c)  You get 25p off whenever you purchase any drinks with this cups

Negative point about this cups:
(a) the hot glue from the cup sleeves tend to stick on the cup.
(b) It is a little too hot to hold when you order a takeaway hot drink (even with sleeve on)

Btw, do check out Groupon UK for Starbucks goodie. All you need to do is log in groupon with your mobile phone. I've got mine. What bout you. Go grab quick!

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