Tiddly Pomme, world's smallest apple

Pic from M&S Facebook page
I was curious to grab at least an apple if not a pack since the very day I saw this advertisement on Facebook:

Pic from M&S facebook page with caption: This is our newest variety of apple, it's our smallest ever and it doesn't have a name... HELP! Ps. Don't worry, it's naturally this size.
It helps to "Like" your favourite stores, brands, or company just so you can be among te first to know the latest and upcoming news. I was among one of the curious shopper who rushed to M&S Food Hall to buy a pack on the first day the apple went on sales.

Pic from M&S Facebook page on Monday with caption "Say hello to the Tiddly Pommes, our smallest apples ever (as named by you). Available in stores from tomorrow".
This unique batch of apples were flown from New Zealand. They are sweet and crunchy. My hubby and I like it. I'll definitely get more this coming Saturday.

Hubby couldn't resist one when he saw them. That explain why I have five instead of six fruits. I text the picture of apple to few of my family and friends. I have to say it was difficult visualising the size just by looking at the picture. That is when I decided to snap few other pics.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

 In this case 2 apple a day keeps the doctor away. 2 apples is equivalent to 1 portion of 5 a day

Look at the size! Now you have to believe me they are really the world's smallest apple. Just in case you haven't grab a pack, go get one. They cost only £1.49 for six apples.

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