Abedeen: Breakfast at Chiquito

 It's summer! I am very sure many of you will be travelling in summer. My hubby and I always do the opposite. We normally travel in April/ May. This year we choose to visit Aberdeen.

It took us almost 14 hours to reach our destination by bus. We paid around £10.00 per person (return) from Swindon to Aberdeen. It wasn't that bad. The bus stopped every few hours just so we can all get down to stretch our legs.

We were pretty lucky the weather treated us really good when we visited Aberdeen. Don't forget we have extended winter this year. It was still snowing in the month of April. It was a little chill-y on our first day but the weather transformed into pre-summer weather on second day.

Always choose to travel in the evening (especially if you are travelling from south west of UK). That way you will get to rest and sleep at night just so you will arrive on time for breakfast cum brunch the very next day. The bus stopped at Union Square. There are abundant of restaurant and eatery shops you can choose to dine.

We choosed to dine at Chiquito- a Mexican restaurant. One reason why we picked to dine in here is because the place is empty compared to the rest of the eatery (it was bank holiday that day when we arrived so its not surprising the place is filled with both locals and tourists).

Don't you agree the interior looks good.

We were expecting more of a Mexican meal more than an English breakfast. They do have Mexican foods for lunch and dinner though. We wasn't in the mood for heavy meals in the morning. We settled for English breakfast instead. You can check out their menu here.

On bright side, you get free refills for your drinks!

Hubby ordered Breakfast Feast. The menu says it comes with 2 egs, 2 pork & leek sausages, 3 rashers of back bacon, 3 hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and toast. My man loves his sausages. He claimed for his missing sausage (eventhough they gave him less hash brown too).

I on other hand ordered their Full Breakfast Sizzler. It is a smaller portion of what he had. Their breakfast wasn't that great but its good enough to fill our hungry belly.

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