Aberdeen: The Beach & The Foods

It was pretty cold by the time we reached the beach. That explain why there is nobody swimming. Instead, you can see people jogging, cycling or walking along the beach. 

I wouldn't say this is the best beach in UK. It's a decent getaway for both local and tourist to enjoy :).

Amusement Park for kids and young at heart to play :)

Something I "Google" from Wikipedia at hotel before we embarked our journey here: "The beach itself is famous for its golden sand and its long curved length between the harbour and the River Don's mouth". I tend to disagree on the golden sand.

This people should know how to throw their trash in the bin :(

We headed to our favourite Italian chain Bella-Italia restaurant for an early dinner. I have to say the food was disappointing. This is one of the worst branch we have ever visited. That explain why I couldn't be bothered to snap more picture of foods of what we ordered. Can you believe the bread was cold and rubbery while the carbonara served to us were cold! Worst thing is they served us uncooked ravioli. Even their cocktail were just mediocre. Worst still is the waiter treated us like one hell of shitty diner. Let just say the whole experience was a lousy one. We didn't get the same treatment when we dine at Bristol and Winsor branch. May be we should have just dine at Jimmy.

Here is just a little advice to anyone who will be heading to the beach anytime soon. Pack your own foods (have a picnic there) or just buy snacks from the stalls along the beach. You get better service there. We had no problem dining there.

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