Aberdeen: CIty Centre

Aberdeen is a beautiful city. We got to explore the park, coast, harbour, beach, shopping places and the castle trails. Our two days trips was a good one. You don't need a car to travel around. We walked. We only took bus to Dunnotar Castle the next day before we return home (I'll blog more about it soon).

From St. Mary Cathedral, you we proceed to the town centre.


It's true when people say you get to see grey city in Aberdeen.  Do you know that Aberdeen is also known as Granite City?

As usual you gets to see sculptures and street performance everywhere. Look at that poor guy "cam-whorig" with his instrument. I am very sure he posted it on his Facebook or Tweeter.

This is what you get to see below the bridge?

I just can't stop snapping. Hubby lectured me for wasting battery :(

Hubby busy with his camera. OK, that is unnecessary. He was right about me wasting my battery.

They've Aberdeen Country Farm on last Saturday of every month. Do spend sometime there if you happened to travel on Saturday. It is quite an experience.


Walk further and you will reach the spectacular Marischal College. You have to be there to know the beauty of the architectural work that has been invested on this building.

Continue walking and you can find Aberdeen Arts Centre.

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