Aberdeen: Copthorne Hotel & St. Mary Cathedral

We stayed at Copthorne Hotel. Both hubby and I are very particular when it comes to choices of hotel in UK. Most 3 stars or lower rating hotels in UK are quite run down. For all Asian travellers, do lower down your expectations when travelling Europe or UK. Believe it or not you can even find four or five stars hotel looking like three stars or lower ratings hotels in Malaysia. I've had bad experience whereby five star hotel staff screaming at me for not answering my call calls (that happened two years ago in London).

It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Union Square to Copthorne Hotel. You can always take a cab but we decided to walk just so we can burn a few calories off.

We picked to stay in Club Room since there are there of us. It's decently comfortable if you ask me. In fact it is quite a good value for £80.00 a night stay. There is two double size bed, a small size tv, and a bathroom room.

View from our room:

Our first destination right after we unload our luggage: 


St. Mary Cathedral is one of the main worship place for the catholics. This building has stood here for more than 100 years. It's quite interesting seeing families carrying beautifully decorated basket filled with Easter eggs in and out the cathedral.

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