Aberdeen: Stonehaven (Dunnottar Castle, Memorial @ Black Hill, Bervie Brae and town centre)

I've still have regrets I didn't spend that much time at Stonehaven. This place is pretty. There are so many things to do and see here compared to where we were the day before. Can you believe I am still whining bout it now (3 months later). I know I can always go back but that will have to be another long journey. So to you guys who are planning to visit Aberdeen anytime soon, please make sure you spend at least 1.5 day here.

Our first destination is to Dunnottar Castle. How to get here? Catch bus X7 (Stagecoach bus) from Union Square and be ready to gorgeous view from the window. It's simply amazing. I did not snap any picture (no point because the picture will not turn out good).

This is where the bus will stop. The bus driver will let you know how to walk to the castle.

Walk along the roadside and you will find a signage that says Dunnottar Castle. Don't get overly excited because you still got quite a bit of walking to do before you reach the castle. 


I was given two choice: (a) to walk along the coastline that leads to an impressive war memorial on the summit of Black Hill or (b) to spend time at Dunnottar Castle. Worst thing is I can only pick one because we only had less than 4 hours to spare before catching a bus back to Union Square. 

If you know me well enough, I like climbing and walking expedition. How on earth can I resist not walking up any mountain or hill top? I have to admit, I have a little regret half way through. The path is pretty narrow as we approached the hill. I was thinking hard how am I gonna make it down later? You see, I have no problem climbing up but I have major phobia going down. My leg shivers everytime I look down from any high place.

The view along the coast all the way to memorial was spectacular. You get to see views of busy seagulls flying around freely. You also get a different perspective view of the Castle and also the coast. There are benches on the hill top for you to enjoy the view.

Fear not if you have height phobia. You can always head down from here. This way will lead you to Bervie Brae. The view of the harbour is simply amazing. I can't tell you how much I love the view.

How I wish I have more time to venture Stonehaven. All we can do is a brisk walk to bus station. We didn't even have the chance to dine at the local eatery. Good thing we had our early lunch at Subway.

I have to say the most unforgetable thing about the trip is  that I almost left my bag containing my DSLR, two lenses, a Nexus tablet and my iPhone at Subway before my ride to Stonehaven. Good thing the bus driver was kind enough to wait for me to collect my bag. Of course the other good thing is that my bag was still around despite me abandoning it there for more than 5 minutes.

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