Healthy Roast Chicken & Vegetables with Halogen Oven

I don't know about you. I try to spend minimal time in kitchen during the hot summer. This is one of my all time favourite meal. They are easy, healthy and yummy. All I need to do is place them in my halogen oven. I sometime adds different flavouring such as garlic pepper, smoked paprika or even herbs for extra flavouring.

They are fail proof recipe. I still remember indulging in this almost every other days when I first came to UK (when I first cook). This is one and only meal my husband will not whine.  So to all students studying abroad or anyone cooking for the first time, do give this recipe a try.

2 Free Range Chicken Leg (deboned)
3 tomatoes (quartered)
3 potatoes (cut into wedges like shape)
3 celery (cut)
3 carrots
Black Pepper

  1. Marinate chicken with salt and pepper overnight (or at least four hours)
  2. Place all vegetable in tray. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Roast the vegetables in halogen oven for 30 minutes (oven set at 225). 
  3. Add the marinated chicken on top of vegetables. Roast 10 minutes on each side of the chicken.

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