Healthy Steamed Whole Chicken with Rice Cooker (similar to Hainanese Steamed Chicken)

I've steamed fish and I've steamed savoury cake (chinese savoury yam cake and buttersquash cake) but I've never steamed a chicken. I've seen mum making Hainanese chicken all my life but I've never bother trying (eventhough my hubby requested for it).

This is my first attempt. I've decided to give this a try just because my mum says it is easy. How easy? We got Tesco to deliver a whole chicken on Sunday along with other groceries. I washed and marinated the chicken overnight. I then cooked the chicken with Toshiba rice cooker. The end result: a nice, juicy, and soft chicken just like mum's version of Hainanese chicken. You can actually use the soup to make Hainanese chicken rice. I did not because my husband couldn't wait to savour the chicken. We ended up only eating chicken for dinner today. It's not exactly a healthy meal considering we had no greens. Anyway, we had vegetable stew for lunch. We also had a banana and an apple each before dinner. I hope that make up for our 5 a day :oP

We both agree this will be our healthy chicken from now on (besides roast chicken).

Marinate the chicken (I've got a large chicken weighting approximately 1.8kg) with salt, dong quai, shaoxing wine and oyster sauce overnight. Place the chicken in rice cooker. Add a cup of water. Cook the chicken for an hour and keep warm for 2 hours. If you are using a Toshiba rice cooker, click white rice setting. Keep warm for 2 hours.

 This is what you get after 3 hours. A yummy juicy and soft chicken

My husband has yet to improve his cutting skills. You may garnish with cucumbers and tomatoes.

1 large chicken
Dong quai powder (blend the dong quai with blender)
Shao Xing Wine
Oyster Sauce
1 cup water

Toshiba Rice Cooker
  1. Marinate the chicken overnight
  2. Place the chicken in rice cooker
  3. Add 1 cup of water
  4. Press "Cook" (white rice setting). It takes about an hour to cook. The cooker will then automatically "keep warm". Keep warm for 2 hours.

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