DIY Homemade Black Bean (Black Soy) Milk Drink

You will be wrong if you think you get a pot of black colour drink. Funny enough the drink turns out to be slightly greenish. I however find that the colour of my drink looks about the same as the soya milk. I am not so sure if it will be black if I were to retain its skin. 

The whole process is similar to the soya milk recipe. Only thing is I substitute the soya bean with the black beans. Again you don't need any special gadget for this. All you need is a basic blender. I used Magic Bullet Blender.

I find it easier to remove the black bean skin compared to the soya bean.

 Ready to drink black Soya Milk

150g black bean (soaked and skin removed)
1500g spring water (then again it depend on the consistency you want)
Pandan Leaves (optional)
Brown/ White Sugar to taste (optional)
  1. Blend black beans with water till blended. I normally add just enough water just so I do not need to spend much time filtering. I only add more water just before boiling.
  2. Strain with muslin cloth. You may strain again with coffee filter just to make sure you have pulp free milk
  3. Boil the filtered black bean milk with pandan leaves. Once boil, adjust fire to low fire setting. Boil for another 10 minutes.

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