DIY Homemade Soya Milk

I've been drinking soya bean all my life. Mum makes them almost everyday during my teen. I've been buying OTC brands for almost two years now. I've never bothered making my own despite all the complain the soya milk quality is thin in relative to what I had in Malaysia. It was yesterday while having my cup of soya milk I thought enough is enough. I had enough of paying for commercial brand that doesn't taste the way I like it. 

You don't need a fancy or expensive machine to get the job done. I got mine done using my 250v Magic Bullet blender.

Soak the beans overnight. You can also substitute this with black beans. I was told they are good for blood circulation. I used 150g soya bean. I don't know if it makes any difference if you don't get rid of the skin. I was told they are bad for gout. Blend the beans with water. The amount of water depend on the thickness you want. I used about 1.5 litre of spring water.

Filter the soya with muslin/ cheese cloth. Scoop away all the foams. Add 2 pandan leaves. They bring back memories of those I drink in KL. Bring it to boil. Stir them from time to time. Reduce fire and let it boil for another 5 or 10 minutes. Add brown or white sugar. I drink mine neat (without sugar).

Here is my fresh soya bean for breakfast. What I normally do is I will let the rest cool and keep them in refrigerator. Heat a cup up like how you heat your milk every morning. Do give this a try. You can definitely see a healthier you in less than a month. I alternate between almond and soya milk. For almond milk, add a tsp vanilla extract instead of pandan leaves.

You can always add black sesame seed powder or chia seed or even brewery yeast for extra boost.

My breakfast: a slice of cake and cup of soya milk with black sesame powder

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