Easy Pea-sy Chinese Stir fry Seafoodwith Vegetables (Squids & Prawns)

Here is another typical Malaysian Chinese vegetable dish. I on other hand converted this meal to one pot meal- simply because I refused to spend extra time in kitchen cooking. It's easy, colourful, healthy and satisfying.

Seafood with mixed vegetables served with basmati rice

(More than enough for 3 hungry bellies)
120g raw jumbo prawns
2 medium size squids
Snap pea
Yellow bell pepper
Bird eye chilies
Oyster sauce
Shaoxing wine
Fish stock

Marinate prawns and squids with garlic (I picked out all the garlic before cooking because I didn't like the taste of raw garlic). Saute garlic and shallot till brown

Add all vegetables. Stir fry till carrots are soft (I covered the pan with lid for 5 minutes)

Mix in the seafood and seasonings (oyster sauce, wine, sugar, fish stocks, water, salt and pepper). Give it a stir or two till seafood are 100% cooked. Do not overcooked or you will have rubber-y textured squids and hard prawns!

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