Economical Asian Buffet @ Jimmy's World....

We've been eating out quite a lot. Call me lazy. Call me Ms. Piggy but who cares. Life is too short to worry about being fats all the time. Of course I still care about wanting to be slim but heck it! It's no longer important. After all I am married now. I no longer needs to attract the opposite sex. LOL. I will try to post soon. 

It's no secret how much I love Bath. Trust me, the scenery looks different during the summer, autumn, winter and spring. It doesn't really matter if we just take a train there for a makan and hop home.

One of hubby's current favourite Asian buffet for now is the Jimmy's World Grill & Bar. I have to say they serve decently good British standard Asian foods. Here is an overview of the eatery:

Peace of mind.
Foods from around the world
Penang Cloves??? I didn't know Penang is famous for cloves. I thought nutmegs

Drinks corner:


Pizzas, pastas and salad island:

Told you they have freshly baked pizzas




Guess how much we paid for including this drink:

So how do I rate this place:
Foods: 3/5
Ambience: 4/5

So if you are keen to give this place a try, here is how you can get there
Jimmy's World Grill & Bar
01225 426802
Dorchester St, 
Bath, Avon 
BA1 1SS ‎ 

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