French Apple Tart

I've haven't been baking anything new this days. I tend to bake the same old thing *avoiding failures* That explain why I haven't been blogging much. The last "new" thing I've baked is Shanghai mooncake and "Teochew-style" mooncake. I will blog about it soon- just in case you want to bake Chinese pastries. 

I baked a French version of apple tart last night. I have to say this is by far one of the easiest apple pie/ tart I've ever baked. I should have baked this during summer. The weather was perfect enough for the both of us to savour this with a scoop of ice cream. Then again I doubt we will actually be bothered about the ice cream because we normally eats our cakes or whatever pastry stuff I baked for breakfast.

Here is the first version I've baked. It's much more rustic (rough workmanship) than the above version. Hubby helped in arranging the apples. I have no idea how he managed to transformed my round crust into an oval shape version.

I am afraid I wouldn't be able to share this recipe on my blog. However, I've "Google-d" and found similar recipe you can follow. Do give this a try.

Btw, I did a pictorial guide to nice clean sliced apple earlier today. Do check it out :)

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