Le Fraisier a.k.a. French Strawberry Cake...

It's Halloween. Tricks or treats? Its the time of the year where you see kids banging/ knocking door to door for treats. I almost bought a pair of pumpkin but decided not to at very last minute. Why? I never like the idea of transforming my house into a gloomy, scary, and ugly environment. For that reason, I've decided not to celebrate Halloween (eventhough I wanted to craft my very own pumpkin for the sake of making one. Here is a video clip on how to DIY your own Halloween pumpkin). It will be another nice relaxing evening for the both of us tonight. So for you guys who are celebrating Halloween, Happy partying :). On a side note, why not bake a Le Fraisier Cake to celebrate the day?

I baked a Le Fraisier (French Strawberry Cake) from scratch last Friday. It was a last minute thingy- doing it in the rush. That shows why the cake wasn't nicely assembled. 

The cake is almost similar to swiss rolls recipe. In some extend its similar to chiffon cake recipe too. The cake has a very light, and soft texture.

My only mistake is not baking this in summer when we had abundance of sweet flavoured British strawberries. I'm lucky enough to buy the very last few batches of British strawberries last week. It was unfortunate that three of the strawberries have to be bin. Good thing we had sufficient straberries for the whole cake :).

I have to admit I was a little worried about failing to produce the cream based recipe. I was very careful throughout the whole process as not to overcooked the yolks! Good thing they turn out alright!

The most exciting part is of course the eating part eventhough many bakers might tell you its the assembling process. I have to say I was a little panic-y when I assembled the cake. I had a lousy piping bag. That reminds me I have to buy a new set of professional quality piping bag for my other bakings! I ended up filling up the other half of the cream with spoon. To make things worst I noticed I don't seems to have enough strawberries to fill in the whole cake.

I'm glad the whole cake turns out to be fine. It was sure an experience. This is the slice I had for brunch on Saturday :). It would have looked nicer if my husband soaked the knife in hot water before cutting. Here is a tip or two on how to cut a perfect slice of cake.

I was a little ashamed of how ugly my version compared to many bloggers version online. Mine doesn't look presentable at all. 

Anyhow, I am still proud of mine. The appearance may be deceiving. Mine taste really GOOD. I'll definitely bake this again. Be aware that you will end up with lots of egg white after the whole yolks and white separation for the cream. I have 200g of egg white leftover. Stay tune if you are curious what I did with my leftover egg whites :).

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