Lemon curd cream/ fillings for my first Swiss roll...

I don't fancy cakes with creams. I think it all got to do with bad childhood. One of my distance relative (more like family with benefits) rudely stopped me from eating my grandpa's birthday cake with cream because I was FAT! I was still in primary school then. Now you know why I scrape away the cream whenever I eat any cream based cake- even for cupcakes. The only time I will eat my cream based cake is when it is frosted with chocolate or cheese frosting.

Anyway, forget about all the FATS! I have come to term with my body this days. I no longer care if I am as fat as a bumble bee. Kidding.

I've just baked a honey Swiss roll with lemon curd fillings. They are one of the yummiest and fluffiest rolls I've ever eaten. Yes, I've just baked and eaten a slice!

I admit. I cheated. I did not make my own lemon curd. Instead, I added two large scoop of homemade lemon curd jam I bought from Sally Lunn to 250g double cream. I wouldn't have discovered how yummy the lemon curd is if not because Melissa ordered the bun with lemoncurd toppings.

As for the cake, you may refer to Keiko's eBook here

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