Welcome Back Biochef! Goodbye Constiptions!

Life was tough when we have to part with our Biochef Professional Blender for five days. We got so used to having it around. Our kitchen felt lonely without it. I missed the loud grinding noise when hubby makes our regular almond milk and I missed my regular juices :(

Hubby noticed there's a small crack at the bottom of the jug.

It produces small amount of sweat (vapour) whenever he blends the milk. I've noticed that quite awhile but I thought it was due to the friction from all the spinning done while grinding our juices or milk. We have no idea if it is manufacturer defect or it got damaged when the item was mailed to us. We sent the jug out for repair on Saturday (via Royal Mail first class delivery). We were all excited when hubby received a notification from DPD we will be expecting our jug today. They are FAST! Our jug arrived just in time for breakfast.

 Slice of pineapple, an apple, a tomato, a mango and an orange.

Blend it with 3 cups of water. Yields 4 big cups. We had two cup each. I have to admit it was a little too much for juice but that's what I do when I find that I have over-riped pakistani honey mango, aged tomatoes and oranges. It's better to make juice than to bin them :). One thing for sure this is definitely a natural cure for constipation. Don't believe? Click on benefits of mangos, pineapples. oranges, apples and even water.

I have to say this is one good way to seduce the kiddos, meat lovers and green haters into getting their 5 a day. They are inexpensive, non-hazardous, natural and yummy! All you need to do is wash the fruits (skin) with bicarbonate soda just to get rid of the impurities and dunk everything in the machine. Of course you can make life easier for the machine by cutting the fruits into smaller pieces but that is really not necessary.

Btw, have a wild guess how much does it cost for a brand new jug?

It's almost 1/3 the cost of the machine! Good thing they have 7 years warranty on parts and 10 years warranty for motor *PHEW* But really I don't want to send anything back for warranty. I would rather have a problem free machine :).

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