As cool as Cucumber Salad...

This is one refreshing and healthy side dish. I like doing this whenever I grill salmon head for dinner.

Only three ingredients needed for this
500g Cucumber
1.5 tsp Salt
  1. Wash cucumber with baking soda (to get rid of all impurities)
  2. Cut the tip of cucumber (both end). Take a slice up and rub it on one side of the cucumber till you see white discharge. Wash off. This is to get rid of the bitterness.
  3. Remove cucumber skin and slice the cucumber
  4. Peel the ginger. Slice into thin strips
  5. Add cucumber, ginger and salt in a ziploc bag
  6. Sandwich the bag of cucumbers with two plates. Place a medium size pot on top of the plates for an hour.
  7. Remove and refrigerate the cucumber for another hour. Serve cold.

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