Body Shop Promotion on Groupon. A deal or a scam?

Picture taken from Groupon
It was early Thursday morning when I discover this deal on Groupon UK. I don't normally go on Groupon site. As predicted I bought one only to feel a little regret afterward.

I went to the nearest Body Shop that very day itself to redeem my voucher. It was easy. I got myself
I've got myself £45.00 worth of items for £45.00 + a free Wild Rose Hand Cream worth £10.00

It may still look as if I've saved £25.00 (£15.00 + £10.00 for the handcream) but really you can find better promotions on normal day. 

What makes me really annoyed is why can't the cashier charge me for my cleanser instead of diffuser? Good thing I can get my husband to redeem something worth £5.00 next month! At least that will minimised my lost. 

Also, funny enough they are quite bias when you pay with vouchers. This is my first bad experience with Body Shop. I am hoping this will be one time off thingy. Good thing I've been their customer for a long time. I don't think I will ever step in Body Shop again if I had encountered this on my first visit.

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