Be careful of your fruits....

My husband and I were at Lidl doing our usual grocery shopping when a staff jumped and screamed out loud. She found a big spider in one of the box containing either vegetables/ fruits (I have no idea what it was and I am definitely not keen to know because I am scared of spider too). No one wants to go near where the spider was. It took awhile for another man colleague of hers to reluctantly walk over to find the spider. At the end he releases the spider just outside the store.

We now wonder if the spider is one of the Brazillian spider- similar spider found in one of the Sainsbury's Fair Trade banana. It's not surprising because that lady mentioned the spider was huge in size. 

I was just telling my husband to be careful when receiving our weekly grocery from Tesco. To all bananas lovers out there, beware! Do check your fruits before consuming :).

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