Failproof Homemade Shanghai Mooncake & Homemade Red Bean (Adzuki) Paste

I've baked this months back- during the Mid Autumn season. It was my first time baking. I was quite surprised at how easy it was. The paste can be done 2 days ahead. Do give this a try if you crave for Chinese pastries.

Red Bean Paste
(Recipe adapted from Vivian Pang)
600g red beans
2 tbsp salt (to soak red beans)
250g sugar
120g oil
3.5 tbsp wheat sugar

     Day 1
  1. Soak the bean with salt. Rinse after two hours.
  2. Place the beans in container (with lid). Fill in enough water to cover the bean. Freeze overnight
     Day 2
  1. Boil the beans in pressure cooker for 5 minutes. Alternatively, boil them in pot for an hour or till the bean turn mushy when smashed with fingers.. Drain
  2. Blend in blender. Alternatively you can use a large spoon to press the bean through the sieve.
  3. Transfer the beans into a pot. Fold in sugar and oil. 
  4. Spoon in flour. Make sure all ingredients are well combined. Cook over medium heat
  5. Add in maltose when the puree turns thick (paste)
  6. Transfer in large bowl. Place the paste into the fridge for easy moulding.
Shanghai Mooncake Dough/ Pastry
250g butter
125g icing sugar
1 free range egg
380g flour
60g custard powder
  1. Sift flour and custard powder. Set aside
  2. Beat butter and icing sugar till cream. Do not over beat. Ideal time frame: 3 minutes
  3. Add in egg. Beat till combine
  4. Fold in the flour and custard powder.
18 40g red bean paste
18 50g dough
Egg (for egg wash)
Black and White Sesame
    1. Preheat oven 180 degree
    2. Shape dough into a ball.
    3. Flatten the dough with palm
    4. Wrap a red bean paste
    5. Mould it into an egg shape
    6. Place on a baking mat. Repeat step 2 - 5 till complete
    7. Lightly brush mooncake with egg wash
    8. Sprinkle some black and white sesame
    9. Bake for 20 minutes 
    Ps. You don't need to wait for Mooncake festival to enjoy this. Try baking this for tea time :)

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