Frankie & Benny

Frankie & Benny, Greenbridge
Frankie & Benny is still one of our favourite eatery by far whenever we run out of idea where to eat- eventhough on certain days their service can be a little shitty. Overall it is still an alright place to visit when you don't have much of a choice when dining at a eatery nearby our place.

One of my favourite is their BBQ ribs. Its a full rack tender baby back pork ribs glazed with BBQ sauce. You can never go wrong with BBQ ribs.

 Forget about the side dishes/ The ribs is enough to make me full.

This is one meal I will not share with my husband. Even if I do, it's with a reluctant heart

If you are a risk taker, do give their lamb shank a try. It is good but there are time they overcooked the meat a little. Don't ask me why they served our shank with fries instead of mashed potatoes. It happens. They screwed up with our menu a little (just when we had our camera with us). They have mixed up our order. We asked for mashed potatoes instead of fries for my ribs.

Lamb shank in rosemary and mnint gravy

It's always good idea to order their garlic pizza bread while waiting for the main. They are decently good in taste. Do try to dunk it in a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Unless you order their cocktails, both husband and I agree that their hot drinks are just an ordinary cup of hot drink. Don't be surprise if the drink is not hot by the time it reach your table. I'll suggest you opt for sparkling water or cocktail drinks or boost.

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