More savings and benefits when buying grocery online...

We've been shopping for our grocery online for a year now. Although some may argue its a lazy way... let me tell you it is not really the case. May be its because I never have any shopping list. I sometime spend almost two hours browsing from one category to another before deciding if that is enough for the week.

Good thing about online grocery shopping
  1. avoid severe impulse buying. I admit impulse buying occur even when it comes to online shopping but we can at least removed the items before confirming and paying for our grocery. We are more unlikely to remove the items when we buy our grocery in store
  2. We spend within budget. I find myself spending a lot more in store. Most of the time my bills can soar up to £80 to £100 when I buy grocer in store. I nowI spend around £40 to $50 a week.
  3. avoid the long queue. You will be surprise people here can really shop. I find it very surprising how people can fill their trolley with foods- sadly most of the time I see junk foods and liquor instead of proper healthy stuff
  4. fuss free when it comes to loading and unloading. Imagine having to unload the items on the till and loading them back in the trolley. Worst still you still have to repeat this steps in car and unloading them
 Bad thing about online grocery shopping
  1. they sometime gives you close to expiry items- this happened to me couple of times with breads, vegetables and fruits
  2. they sometime pick the "not so fresh" vegetables or fruits.
Of course we can always reject the items right away but it can be really frustrating especially when you really need the item quite badly.

Nevertheless, I have to say I still prefer shopping for my grocery online- particularly the heavy and bulky items. Call me lazy all you want. I call myself a modernised and wise housewife :)

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