Homecook Healthy and Easy Chinese for Dinner...

A typical Malaysian Chinese homecook meal. Lazy stir fry mixed vegetables with prawns and curry leaves with cherry tomatoes eggs.

I never knew Chinese can be easy until I started cooking them. All you need is to do when it comes to  stir fry dishes is to 
  1. chop all ingredients in advance
  2. add a little oil 
  3. stir fry the meats or seafood and dished up for later use
  4. add in whatever vegetables 
  5. mixed in the precooked meats or seafoods
  6. season with salt, pepper, oyster sauce (whenever needed), shaoxing wine and sesame oil.
The same applies to Chinese style fry eggs. All you need to do is to
  1. Add a little oil
  2. Give your seafood or meat a quick stir. Dish up for later use (if in used)
  3. Saute shallots for flavouring
  4. Stir fry whatever vegetables you want- the famous vegetables used are long beans, big onions, tomatoes or bitter gourd
  5. Add in eggs
  6. Add in  seafoods or meats (if in used)
  7. Season with salt and pepper
I've been cooking quite a lot of stir fry this days. I find it really easy. Cooking time is relatively short compared to English foods. At least I do not need to spend time squating down and cleaning up the oven all the time. All I need to do after stir fry is to clean the cooking pan, spray and wipe the hobs and table top.

Also I find that with stir fry dishes I get to clear up whatever leftover vegetables I have in the refrigerator instead of binning them away.

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