Homemade Chinese Red Dates Drinks for the cold days...

How much water do you drink in a day? Both hubby and I used a minimal of 8 litres of water a day. I know because I used bottled spring water for my day to day foods and drinks (this includes usage for almond milk, rice, cooking, fruit juice and drinking water). The weather is getting colder day by day. It's hard to drink the water directly from the bottle. It's cold. I've no choice but to boil the water before drinking. No one like drinking plain warm water. That is why I am putting in extra effort by boiling healthy herbal drinks instead.

Good thing hubby got me a WMF Perfect Ultra pressure cooker. I've been using this almost everyday for the past two months just for our day to day herbal drinks. One may think it sound silly to buy a pressure cooker worth £219.00 (btw, hubby paid £62.86 on Amazon) just for drinks but let me tell you it brings the taste out. Also, it helps to save gas and electricity!

Here is one of the common drink I boil using my pressure cooker:
Red Dates Tea
remedy for good blood circulation, insomnia, good complexion

40 Chinese red dates 红枣, a handful Goji berry 枸杞子,6 Dried Longan 龙眼肉, 4 Codonopsis Pilosula a.k.a tong sum 黨參 (the stick like herbs),2 Astragalus (the broad and flat herbs) and 6 litreWater. Simplified version:  Chinese red dates,goji berry, dried longan and water.

 Cook on high heat till the water till the pressure  cooker whistle (water boil).

Lower the heat and boil for another 60 minutes. Strain and enjoy your drink :)

I know many uses less water for their red dates tea. The ideal amount is 2 litre of water. I however used more because my intention was to add taste to my drinks.

By the way, the 6 litre of water I used for the tea is strong in aroma and taste. All thanks to the power of pressure cooker.  

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