Homemade Chinese Chrysanthemum Tea

While many buys the instant version (be it powder form or packet or tin drinks), I prefer to boil my own tea. At least I gets to control the level of sweetness I want. In fact, I don't add sugar at all-with or without lohan (I noticed some Chinese stores labeled dried lohan as dried mangosteen) fruits added. 

The Chinese believes chrysanthemum tea acts as a cooling agent to prevent sore throat, and flu. Goji berry and lohan fruits are two common fruits added to enhance the taste and benefits. Some benefits include straightening one's liver, kidneys and eyes.

This is how I normally boils my chrysanthemum tea:

1 lohan fruit (a.k.a. dried mangoesteen), two hand full of dried chrysanthemum, a handful of goji berry.  For hygiene purpose, always wash the fruits and flowers.

Crack the dried lohan. You will find a big ball of seed once the outer layer is cracked open. Peel the seeds apart. Place all ingredients in pressure cooker or pot.

Add 5 litre water. Bring the water to boil. Lower the fire. Boils for another 30 - 45 minutes (for normal pots, boil for at least an hour). Add rock sugar, sugar or honey if needed.

This drink can be make all year round. It can be enjoyed cold or hot.

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