Sainsbury's Norfolk Black Chicken...

My husband and I purposely make a trip to Sainsbury on Thursday just so we can buy Sainbury's Norfolk Black Chicken. We were quite eager to try their new product right after we watched BBC's Supermarket Secret programme.

It took me awhile hopping from till to till before I finally gave up and asked one of the staff if they have them. I wouldn't have been agitated if she tells me right away they do not stock up the chicken. What I didn't like is that she gave me an annoying and irritating look as if I am inventing some kind of chicken up. 

Its hard to forgive the staff (fyi, the product was launched in September 2012 not 2013. It makes no sense for the staff not to know) for not knowing their products- especially when Sainbury claims its one of its kind in United Kingdom!. What's the point of them trying to create awareness to publics via BBC Supermarket Secret programme when their own staff don't even know their own products?

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