Sky Advisor tries retaining customer only when customer say goodbye...

Hubby called in to cancel both phone line and Sky Fibre broadband at around 3.00p.m. today. As usual they tried to retain their customer. They even went up to the extend of contacting Open Reach right away to confirm if their Engineer is coming over on 26 November 2013. Bloody hell... why can't they call Open Reach that day? Why can't they call in and fix and earlier appointment (since it was Open Reach fault for missing our appointment)?

I was telling my husband he should have asked Sky to check with Open Reach if they can come over to fix the fibre broadband for us today or latest by tomorrow. If yes, I wouldn't mind staying with Sky. After all the BTwifi I am currently subscribing to is bad. Btw, Sky is not paying for my temporary wifi. I am paying from my own pocket :(

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