Tigre Cake for Halloween...

As promised, here is an update of what I've done with part of my egg whites. Tigre. It's quite an odd name for the cake but if you really look at it again the chopped chocolate chips do resembles the strips and orange almond batter do resembles the skin tone of a tiger.

Like all other almond based cake, it's moist in texture. I haven't seen this around but I was told that you can apparently find this at Stohrer Pastry, one of the oldest pastry shop in Paris. This will definitely be one of my "must visit" pastry shop when I travel to Paris next. The only blogger I've seen posting this is Kathy. Her recipe is quite similar to Keiko's recipe.

It's my second attempt. I failed badly during my first attempt. There is nothing wrong with the recipe except that I fail to remove the individual cake out from the mould. The cake sticks to the tray (despite using a non stick tray). The ideal cake tray for baking this is to bake using silikomart SF012. I on other hand, being cheapskate as usual bought a non stick version (Zenker non stick 12 hole pan from Lidl for only £3.99).

Lesson learn. I applied a generous amount  of Dr. Oetker Cake Release Spray before spooning the batter. End result: 9 perfectly shaped cake laying to be cooled on wire rack waiting to be filled with chocolate fillings :).

Do give this a try- especially when you are left with abundance of egg whites from baking biscuits, cookies or cakes that requires lots of egg yolks. Alternatively, you can always opt to buy Two Chicks Free Range Liquid Egg Whites. That way you can avoid having to bin or store any yolks.

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