Victimised by both Sky and Open Reach...

We've been experiencing poor broadband services for months now. That was why we decided to take advantage of Sky promotion on Groupon- not only to upgrade our broadband to fibre but also to repair the faulty cable we have been experiencing with our Sky tv as well. 

Everything goes well until Tuesday. The Engineer missed our appointment and we were deprived from any broadband till further notice. 

Here is a summary of what happened:
  1. We were expecting an Engineer to visit our place to fix whatever necessary for fibre broadband on 19 November 2013  anytime from 8.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m. 
  2. We no longer have broadband from morning (didn't note the time but it should be around 9.00 a.m.)
  3. No one turns up. We decided to call Sky to check on the status.
  4. Sky Customer Service told us the Engineer forgotten to update the system for Open Reach to connect the fibre for us. The person we spoke to informed us he has updated the system and Open Reach will get things done by today
  5. Called again at 3.30 p.m. This time round we were told Open Reach has problem with our case. They can only review our case the next day.
  6. We requested Sky to reconnect our broadband just so we can have access to internet till fibre is up. We were told it is not possible because it will take 2 weeks for Open Reach to reconnect the broadband. It will be better for us to wait for our fibre
  7. We insist we need either broadband or fibre up that very day. Who the hell can live without internet this days? Hell no! I'll be cut off from outside world.
  8. They then lied to us Open Reach has updated the system. They have completed their task. We should be able to get our fibre by midnight.

Don't you find Sky Customer Service team rude? By the way, we got cut off 3 times (twice by different officers and one by a manager)! We had to call in and explain to 6 different consultants. We have to explain the case all from A to Z. 

Can't they call us back? If none of the consultant can, I am very sure the Manager by the name of Robert return our call?

Also, why bother lying to us? Who the hell are they to con my husband- an IT engineer specialising in networking and telecommunication system?

Why can't they bloody apologise for their mistakes? None of them actually apologise for (1) not contacting us when the Engineer couldn't make it. (2) disconnecting our broadband without making sure they can instal our fibre.

What is more frustrating is that we were told we can only get our fibre latest by 26 November- that is if Open Reach willing to do it for us.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if this is part of BT plan- just so they can get people like us to sign up for their BT wifi services. Pathetic. Cheeky! 

My advised for you guys out there: think twice before upgrading your broadband- unless you decides to go with Virgin (they are the only provider that do not depend on Open Reach). Btw, I'm not promoting Virgin. Never a Virgin customer myself.

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