Chinese Winter Solstice Celebration in UK

This may be typical Malaysian Chinese meal but it isn't the case for us here. Back at home, Winter Solstice is about family reunion. Family members gathers for a big feast. It is harder for me to cook such a meal here. I can but we will probably take weeks to finished up the leftover. This is what we had for Winter Solstice.

Menu for the day: Stir fry mixed vegetables, spare ribs with shallots (recipe adapted from Nasi Lemak Lovers), egg with smoked salmon and chicken rice. 

The must have dish for Winter Solstice:

Black sesame glutinous ball with ginger syrup. A simple self invented recipe that involves 4 ingredients: black sesame powder, sugar, water, and glutinous flour. Hubby and I love the balls. I've extra black sesame fillings in refrigerator. I will make them again for Christmas :).

2 more days to Christmas, 9 more days to New Year and 30 more days to Chinese New Year :). Can't wait :)

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