My Christmas Celebration...

As a Malaysian, we have always enjoyed all festivities. We are that jolly type of people. Only selfish, loveless people like Grinch will not like Christmas. Christmas is about family bonding. This year we decided to celebrate Christmas on a smaller scale. We decided to spend time together at our home instead. We watched the television, went shopping online, we ate turkey and drank port wines. LOL. We had too much champagne earlier this month and we decided to go with something mild for Christmas- saving champagne for New Year.

I was just telling my hubby yesterday, the whole UK has been busy for the past one month stocking up foods, boosts, gifts just for Christmas and Boxing Day. I don't see that many people flocking supermarkets or high street shops until the eve of Christmas. Can you believe it can take up to 10 minutes or probably 15 minutes wait just to pay for your items.

Unlike KL, shops closes at 6.00 p.m. on eves. Shop closes on Christmas Days. Sort of reminds me of my younger days when all shops are close during Chinese New Year holidays. Boring. Good thing Boxing day sales started early this year. Most major retailers started their onliine sales on eve itself. The only item I bought was a bag from Harrods. The rest was pretty rubbish. I still think the best time to shop is before Christmas (or even a month prior to Christmas. Boxing Day sales are aimed at tourists. My hubby and I only went out at 3.00 p.m. just for the sake of "going out", We ended up buying two Lindt bear chocolate for £5.00 (was £5.00 each before Christmas). We thought it will be nice for offerings. High street will still be filled with shoppers and window shoppers in next few days taking opportunity to grab whatever items on mark down prices. 

Oh, my item from Harrods arrived early in the morning (7.00 a.m). Cool, huh!

This is what we had for Christmas:

One pot meal? I bought a M&S turkey crown with pork and caramelised chestnut stuffings for £30.00. It weight about 1.8 kg (for 4 to 6 people). All I needed to do on Christmas day is to roast the turkey with mini sweet peppers, brussel sprouts, carrots, celery, onion and garlics for two hours. Easy and healthy.

 Turkey, stuffings, trimmings, vegetables, brown sauce and cranberry sauce


My dinner

This year I baked a sinfully chocolate-y log cake :)

What's next? 5 more days to New Year! Can't wait. It's 10.40 a.m. now. The sun is finally here. Gonna clean up and hop out for a light window shopping adventure. Happy weekend :)

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