Slow Cooked Roast Lamb with Carrots & Celery

Lamb in general are bad for health. They are high in fats. Nevertheless, it is alright to indulge once in a blue moon. I roasted a 1.7kg lamb leg two weeks ago. 

This is by far one of my favourite roast lamb. They are tender, soft, juicy and full of aromatic flavoring. Here is the recipe:
Lamb leg
300g red wine
300g chicken stock

Marinate (two days in advance)
Garlic powder
Black pepper
Sea Salt
  1. Marinate the lamb leg two days ahead. Make sure to wrap the lamb with layers of foils and plastic just so your refrigerator will not be contaminated.
  2. On the day, preheat oven to 120 degree.
  3. Cook red wine and chicken stock in sauce pan till boil
  4. Place the lamb legs on top of the cut vegetables.
  5. Pour the red wine and chicken stock into the tray.
  6. Cover the tray with foil tightly. 
  7. Roast for 5 hours
  8. Increase the temperature to 180 degree. Roast for another 1 hour
  9. From time to time, shower the lamb with the gravy
  10. Place the stock in pan. Reduce the stock. 

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