Baked Mixed Vegetables with Naked Mashed Potatoes

Who say it's difficult to enjoy a nice pot of vegetarian dish? Not me. Even my meat-lover hubby has no complain having similar dish for both lunch and dinner.

 All I need to do is wash, peel, chop. Place all ingredients in pyrex. Season with black pepper and Marigold Vegetable stock. Drizzle olive oil. Bake in preheated oven (180 degree) for 45 minutes

A friend was telling me this diet is for the poor. Really?

Mashed potatoes with combination of baked butter squash, brussel sprouts, chestnut mushrooms, carrots, vine tomatoes seasoned with black pepper, olive oil and Marigold vegetable stock. Still don't see weight fluctuating. I noticed my waistline increased instead. SIGH. May be my body don't like vegetable diet :(

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